FAQ and Resources

We created this page as a jumping point for resources for our families. Documents, FAQs, and links to community resources are available here for you to review and browse so that you can become more familiar with the cremation, burial, funeral and grief aspects of losing a loved one.

 What should I do at a time of death?

After any death, please call us – 24 hours a day at 206-357-1141 – to let us know so that we can help you and answer questions and assist in coordination.

Expected deaths:

If your loved one is under hospice care, or is in a care facility (hospital, nursing home, etc.) they will have likely already taken the steps necessary to process the paperwork. Let the facility know that you would like to use Elemental at the time of passing and provide our phone number: 206-357-1141.  It is also a good idea to call us yourself so that you are certain that the information has been communicated.

Unexpected Deaths:

Call 911 to notify them of the death, and they will arrive and assess the situation.  They will contact the county medical examiner to review the death for further, if any, action that may need to be taken.


Our Frequently Asked Questions pages help to demystify the funeral industry:


Cremation FAQ  has detailed information on the cremation process and options

Embalming FAQ has information on the what and why of embalming

Casket FAQ outlines what the differences are in caskets and casket pricing

Home Funeral FAQ has information about family reasons for home funeral


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