Kirkland Cremation & Burial

Kirkland Cremation and Burial Services

Kirkland cremation and burial services

Kirkland is a special town, and Elemental Cremation & Burial is honored to be a funeral firm with roots in the area.

Elemental offers Kirkland families possibilities that aren’t offered by other firms in the area. We provide cremation and burial services tailored to your family

  • Cremation prices that don’t take advantage of families
  • Kirkland is a wonderful place for a scattering service at the water or an upscale memorial at Carillon Point
  • Green burial services and eco-friendly cremation
  • A broad selection of urns for every family, including urns that are from local artists.

Kirkland families can be assured that we understand the differences. If your family is a Kang, you may want to look at the Kirkland Municipal Cemetery to be close to the alma mater. It may be that a cremation scattering on the Kirkland waterfront is just your family’s wishes.  From the simple to the complex, we look to help you honor wishes and save money. And as the only Green Burial Council certified firm in Kirkland, you can rest assured that we’re working to be good stewards of our community.

Elemental Cremation & Burial is different from other local funeral homes when it comes to pre-planning too. We have pre-arrangement options that don’t require pre-funding and allows you to put your affairs in order without paying high funeral home prices.  Our FAQ’s for cremation and general questions will assist you as a reference for many of your funeral and cremation questions. Feel free to contact us as a resource when you are researching your options. We understand how confusing this all is and we are glad to help demystify the process. Kirkland cremation and burial options shouldn’t be limited to all of the out of town corporations. Now, they aren’t.
To get the straight answers on costs, go to the Pricing page for detailed info on how Kirkland, WA families can havemore affordable and diverse options than you thought was available.