Planning Resources

Planning for your final arrangements doesn’t need to be complicated.  In fact, some very simple actions can go a really long way to making sure that your family doesn’t have to go through the incredible difficulty of handling your final arrangements without guidance.  Here are some simple – and free – documents to help you get things in order!

Your cremation authorization.  This document makes things much easier for those that are left behind.  It does so in two ways:

  1. It puts your wish to be cremated in writing so that there isn’t a question as to what your wish is.
  2. It simplifies the arrangement process.  Your family won’t need to gather to sign the authorization. It’s already done!

Your death certificate information.  By filling out this worksheet, you outline everything that will be needed on the death certificate that your family would be required to provide.

My Wishes is a document that we provide that gives your family and friends a little more insight to what you might want for your arrangements.  It will also stand as a cremation authorization if it’s all you fill out.  It is a good way to spell out what you think would make for a great end of life celebration and takes guesswork out of the process for those left behind.  People may not think it’s a great gift to have now, but they will when you aren’t here to bark instructions at them!

When you have completed these documents, make sure that you TELL SOMEONE.  These aren’t any good if you don’t get them into the hands of someone who has the capacity to act on them.  Underneath your bed with the old slippers and pet toys is probably not effective.  It’s good to make a copy for both you and the person you entrust them to.

If you have questions on pre-arrangements and pre-payment, you can see a more in-depth outline here on our blog.