Burial pricing tends to be a little more complicated, due to the number of variables involved. We can tell you that the cost is more than cremation.

Burials involve two parts – the “funeral” and the “cemetery.” “Funeral” refers to all the things between the place of death and the gates of the cemetery. “Cemetery” is everything inside those gates that relates to the placement of the body.

In the Seattle area, you are unlikely to do a burial all in (funeral and cemetery) for less than $6,000. This cost does not include any type of service. Elemental’s charges are the smaller part of the equation – if you want burial without any services, often we can do that for less than $1,500. The cemetery, however, is going to be a significant cost if you don’t already have a gravesite purchased.

If you are willing to leave the urban center of Seattle, you can find less expensive cemetery property to keep your costs down. If you are hoping for a burial option, please give us a call and we can run the numbers for the funeral and location of interest.