One would think that Washington would have been one of the first states to adopt a new technology that is at the forefront of green tech. Unfortunately, we weren’t.

There have been multiple attempts to get legislation through Olympia, but up until recently, we have been a little late to the game. Fortunately, in May of 2019, the legislation passed and we are expecting that our state will have everything ironed out by mid 2020. Oregon on the other hand, has adopted it as a form of disposition (the legal term for the end of the road for a human body – burial, cremation, and medical donation are all “disposition”) years ago, and so it is available for us as their neighbors to come down and do it.

We at Elemental have been waiting patiently for years to have this technology, and as creative and progressive as we have been, it never occurred to us that we could just go to the neighboring state and partner with a firm down there. When our founder, Jeff, was at a convention and he was talking with one of the tank manufacturers and they suggested “Why don’t you partner with Aqua Green in Portland?”  We thought it was a splendid idea.

So, that is “why Oregon” and it is a HUGE honor to be the first funeral firm in the Puget Sound area to bring aquamation to the families in our community.