One of the neat things about being an entrepreneur is that people frequently come to me with ideas that they want to share.  It could be that they want a sounding board, or it could be that they like to hear themselves talk. Unfortunately the vast majority of these ideas never come to pass, and it’s because the reality of taking on an endeavor is sometimes so monumental that doing it becomes more than our lives can accommodate.

I was approached by Brant Huddleston a while back with a fantastic idea about a podcast that related to death and end-of-life affairs for people that had a real interest in death related topics. He probably asked the wrong person when he asked if I thought that there was potential in it, because as a funeral home owner, almost everyone I know has an interest in death!

When he asked if I would be open to an interview, I leapt at the chance, and you can see how it turned out on his podcast here on D2D’s website!  Enjoy the show, and keep tuning into Dance to Death to hear interviews with some of the movements greats!