How We Are Green

We have created a cremation and burial option for Puget Sound families who seek environmentally aware practices. Being “green” isn’t putting on a pretty marketing face. It means that your funeral service looks to reduce waste, increase participation in habitat restoration, develop local economy strengths, and create a personalized experience that best reflects the values of your family.


Our Mission:

Elemental Cremation & Burial is dedicated to the highest level of service for families that have had a loss by bringing experience, creativity and a commitment to our environment and community to the process.

Carbon Offsets

We purchase carbon offsets from Forterra to offset all of our carbon output that can’t be avoided and are involved in tree planting efforts to sequester carbon. By using green power we reduce our footprint, and by purchasing offsets, we are investing in blended power and development of new green energy resources so we can create a legacy of responsibility.


When looking for a corner stone of our digital front, two criteria were at the top of our list. The host absolutely had to be secure and green. We found an outstanding partner that is committed to the environment including purchasing carbon offsets for their hosting infrastructure.

Easy Arrangements

The environmental footprint of a death is substantially impacted by the travel time of the family. To reduce the total miles driven, we offer online, phone/fax, and home arrangements. Less driving also makes it easier for families – at a time when easier is important.


When selecting our financial institutions, we looked to find partners that had commitments to their community and lending capacity for green initiatives. Helping neighborhoods with education and development was a must. Fortunately, we found it in Umpqua.

Product Sourcing

We prioritize sourcing products that are sourced from local providers (within 200 miles) and/or are made from sustainably forested, harvested, and gathered. Working with Puget Sound craftspeople is good business that’s good for everyone and our planet.


Our management decision-making practices take into consideration what is good for our community and our planet. We evaluate partners based on their level of commitment to these same principals including consideration of third-party certifications such as the Green Burial Council and Green America!