You can find the detailed answers about cremation pricing on our cremation pricing page or burial pricing page. If you have already been to these page and thought were still unsure as to what is involved in our pricing, let us explain our pricing philosophy to you in more detail.

When we started Elemental, it was with the premise that our pricing should be all-inclusive and up-front. We don’t do “hidden fees” or gotchas. You should know exactly what you’re getting and how much it will cost. Not only is it the law, it’s the right thing to do.

It is our goal to create lasting relationships with every client that walks through our door, and the only way we can do that successfully is to be 100% transparent about our pricing.

When you are looking for Simple Cremation the only costs not automatically included in the service prices are death certificates and county fees. These costs are set by the county where the death occurs, so it’s impossible for us to bundle those items into the price in a way that is fair to all our clients.

Elemental has a pricing policy focused on the most basic services needed by families, although we try to include as much as possible in that baseline price. For families who want additional services, we have those too, but there will likely be an extra cost. An example of this is our death certificate surcharge on orders of five or more death certificates. Death certificates are expensive for a funeral home to provide to families. In fact, some funeral homes won’t even provide them, families are required to order them directly from the county. We created a surcharge because of the few families who requested more death certificate copies than they need, “just in case”.  Spreading this cost to all our clients seemed unfair, so we opted to impose a surcharge for those who wanted more than five death certificates.

In many circumstances, families would like a visitation or a witness cremation and these items are added on as you need them, instead of creating confusing pricing with bundles. The result is that it may sound like “plus this, and plus that” but the reality is that we won’t make you pay for things you don’t need. In fact, to the contrary often we are educating families on what they don’t need to be spending money on!

All the charges on our price list have specific and justifiable reasons behind them. If you have questions about specifics, please ask us. We will provide a straightforward answer as to why we have opted to price our services as you see them on the website.