Most people do one of three things with their loved one’s cremated remains (in order of frequency): Keep them at home, scatter them in a special location, or place in a cemetery.  The human cremation renders somewhere between 6 – 9 pounds of cremated remains.  This is about 200 cubic inches of remains.  To give you a visual, human remains fill a box that is 4”x10”x6” which is basically the equivalent of a bread box. There are many creative ways of disposing of cremated remains use far less than the total of remains. In other words, you’re going to need to find some other place to put the rest of them. It must also be said that many of them aren’t strictly eco-friendly.  Unique options for the use of cremated remains include making a diamond, shot-gun shells or a glass vase.  It is even possible to send your loved one into orbit.  None of these options are necessarily environmentally friendly.  Check with us on pricing and options.