We opened Elemental on the premise that pricing should be affordable and accessible to everyone in our community. To strive towards our vision of, “Changing the way our society engages with death,” we had to make everything about our business approachable so that we can share our vision. Unreasonably high pricing doesn’t help us achieve our goal.

We can keep our prices low due to our lower overhead costs. We have small arrangement offices located in shared office space. That means no landscaping costs, no property upkeep, and no additional property taxes.

We also don’t own the cremation chambers. Instead, we partnered with a family-owned crematory. They own the cremation chambers and we own the funeral home, so we can both perform services at significantly lower prices. If the idea of a family-owned crematory gives you pause, we are happy to put your mind at ease. Let us schedule a time for you to come see the facilities we use for cremation and meet their staff. The facilities don’t have a lot of frills, but run some of the strictest cremation protocols in the country. We trust our cremation center and invite you to schedule a visit to learn more about them as well.