About Us


There’s no surprise that every family is different and that the lives we celebrate are intimately unique and beautiful, yet there is one common thread among all the people of the Pacific Northwest – a desire to do something different, to get a fair shake, to be practical, and to be true to our roots. We’re here to serve your family according to your values, because at a time of loss, that’s what’s important. Fortunately for us, we’re from here, so we get it.

What We Stand For

Elemental Cremation & Burial is in the profession of making an extremely difficult time less complicated and easier to transition through. We are dedicated to creating memories for families that are something to be cherished. We do this by earnest listening, creative and custom service knowledge and a commitment to getting to know the lives that we are here to celebrate. All the while, making sure that we keep to our commitment of helping our planet and our communities.

What we stand for is creating memorable, affordable services for the families of the Puget Sound.

Local, Green, and Sensible.

Being locally owned and operated and working with local artisans to strengthen our community is what makes us a responsible and reliable provider for your family. Our attention to local needs, customs and ecology means that we are committed to creating a sustainable and sensitive partnership with the people around us. See what makes Elemental Cremation & Burial a green provider

Who Started Elemental:

Elemental Cremation & Burial was started by Jeff Jorgenson after many years serving families in more traditional funeral homes. He felt that funeral homes were too interested in maintaining outdated traditions and holding onto the control of arrangements that the families should have. It was his intention to create a space where a provider could work collaboratively with families to create incredible celebrations and memories around a life that has been lived well.

Seattle cremation and burial founder Jeff Jorgenson

In earlier years, Jeff worked in the aviation industry having secured a Bachelors of Science in Aeronautics and a Master of Science in Management from Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University. It was a wonderful twist in life that brought him to work in the cremation and burial profession both in the pre-arrangement area as well as a licensed funeral director. This hybrid of technical and old world trade that unlatched the idea that end of life service needed to come to the client families with a new and different approach. Graduate work on environmental impacts of greenhouse gasses as well as supply chain management and logistics made it clear that it was time to take these skills and apply them to his love of end of life practices to make them greener and more approachable and affordable for families.

Jeff’s work with The Order of the Good Death as well as his involvement in the progressive funeral movement has brought many people to ask him for his advice. You can hear a few of his interviews on NPR, KUOW, Harvesting Happiness, Minnesota Public Radio, or check out The Stranger.


Most of the beautiful images on our site came to us by way of Seattle photographer Wynne H. Earle. Her varied and beautiful photography can be seen all over the Pacific Northwest, and the best place to introduce yourself to her stunning work is at her website: www.whearlephotography.com

If you are in search of our Privacy Policy, you can find it here.  Additionally, beyond the legalese, Elemental Cremation & Burial is dedicated to keeping a family’s information private. This means that we are not sharing information with regards to your arrangements with people outside your family unless explicitly, or implicitly authorized (example: providing information for us to convey to an insurance company or newspaper.) Please note though that in Washington State, a death certificate is public record, so the information used to file is in the public domain.